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Upcoming Album Release: Duality of Man (January 2022)

Most recent release: Abstract Reality

Rebirth Album Cover 2020

4 The Love of Trance Album Cover 2020

Duality of Man

My next upcoming album has no current release date. I will probably only release two or three singles from this album pre-release...with New tools and software at my disposal I am experimenting a little more and looking to interact with my Fans on a more Private Basis pre-release moving Forward. I Hope you all enjoy my Most recent release Abstract Reality. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my youtube and other social media platforms. Remember Find Peace within yourself, Find Unity with Others, Love each Other Unconditionally, Respect each other Completely, And Be responsible for your actions...Zantuk...

Bubblz Single Artwork Cover 2020

New Life Series Artwork 2020

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Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility


Vesitges of Fate (Ep Album cover 2020)

Abstract Reality Cover ( 2021)

Duality of Man (Album art coming Soonish,Release Date January 2022)